Dog Daycare Obedience Training Classes White Rock

By undergoing our dog behaviourtraining in Surrey, you’ll learn to teach your dog or puppy how to be a happy, respectful, and calm member of your household. This program will equip you with relevant leadership skills, ensuring that you learn to handle your dog in distracting environments and effectively set boundaries with your dog. Coming when called, walking nicely on leash, maintaining standing and sitting positions, and acting responsibly around people and other talks are just some obedience skills your puppy or dog will learn.

Within our puppy obedience training in Surrey, we cover an introduction to adult dog obedience, socialization exercises, like with a new puppy, and puppy manners and obedience. The focus is on dog behaviour training – socially appropriate behaviour around people and other dogs, holding placement positions around distractions, and walking nicely on the leash. So if you need a dog behaviour specialist in Surrey, you know where to look at.

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