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Our modern, private dog training methods focus on effective communication, patience, and consistency, being geared toward practical exercise in everyday life. We’ll teach you how to train your dog. After every lesson, your skillset will be equipped with tools you need to communicate with your dog more effectively. Don’t worry; it’s never too early or too late to start.

If you’re someone who stays busy, private training packages will be perfect for you because you’ll be able to receive lessons in the comfort of your home, taking advantage of flexible scheduling.
If you have a dog behaviour problem that requires one-on-one attention or can’t fit a group class into your schedule, private lessons can assist in resolving and preventing such issues, assisting you in helping your dog become a compliant, mannerly companion.

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All of our private training programs are tailored specifically to the needs of your dog or puppy

Each of our programs allows you to treat problem behaviours if they exist, including aggression, fear, anxiety, and others. Often, West Coast Dog Training prioritizes remedying these problem behaviours, ensuring your dog or puppy is also immersed in the knowledge of good manners in the high and home-level dog obedience. Our in home dog training and puppy training programs are conducted in the comfort and privacy of your own home, along with public areas where the problem behaviour of your dog occurs (if applicable).
All of our dog training and puppy training programs were designed from the ground up by West Coast Dog Training’s own certified private dog trainers and applied animal behaviourist and are carried out by the same qualified dog trainers.
Note that West Coat Dog Training trains every breed of dog. And yes, that can be anything from pitbull training to Labrador training – and every breed in between.

To enroll your dog in a dog training school now, contact West Coast Dog Training without wasting a minute.

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