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Train your puppy or dog with one of the best dog obedience trainers in Canada. Being an experienced individual, Kelsey has the experience and knowledge to balance the drive and attitude of your dog with a disciplined handler and work ethic respect. Happy home, happy dog!

Dog obedience trainingwith Kelsey will teach your dog or puppy how to be a happy, respectful, and calm member of your household. Through this program, you’ll be equipped with certain leadership skills, learning how to handle your dog in distracting environments and effectively set boundaries with your dog. Coming when called, walking nicely on leash, maintaining standing and sitting positions, and acting responsibly around people and other talks are just some obedience skills your puppy or dog will learn.

In puppy obedience training, we cover an introduction to adult dog obedience, socialization exercises, like with a new puppy, and puppy manners and obedience. The focus is on dog behaviour training – socially appropriate behavior around people and other dogs, holding placement positions around distractions, and walking nicely on the leash.

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Training is done in an appropriate manner, where the goal is to engage the mind of the dog. By engaging its mind, they learn to concentrate and listen to their handler by making appropriate choices. This is done by rewarding good behaviour and clearly communicating to the dog what behaviours we want and what we don’t. The good behaviour of dogs brings rewards; however, there are consequences for bad behaviour.

If you’re in search of a good dog behaviour specialist, contact West Coast Dog Training. We proudly offer science-based, ethical training methods. Kelsey – our trainer, is driven by her passion for understanding and learning more while staying committed to staying up to date on progressive training practices.

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