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At West Coast Dog Training we proudly offer ethical, science-based training methods. Kelsey is driven by her passion to  learn and understand more and is committed to stay up to date on progressive training practices.

Each case is tailored to fit each unique dog and their family to ensure success. Carefully thought out training plans to fit your goals and lifestyle.

Currently serving South Surrey, White Rock, and Langley

fear and aggression

basic training

we offer a few different programs to fit your needs:

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Helping people build an

unbreakable bond

with their dog

to build your relationship

to teach life skills

It goes without saying that training is necessary to teach your dog basic commands, so that you can communicate with your dog what behaviours you expect from them. Learning these skills of control, along with exercise and mental stimulation will help prevent your pup from developing anxiety or acting out in stressful situations. It is important to have control while still allowing the dog to, say, greet your visitors, but without jumping on them or barking. 

to improve sociability

Proper training allows your dog to learn how to act and react in situations involving other dogs, and people. This allows your dog to play and enjoy socializing with other dogs as well as meeting new people without fearful, anxious or aggressive behaviour. People and other dogs are naturally drawn to your adorable pup! It is important to make them feel comfortable in these situations but also to understand when your dog becomes uncomfortable, and to not push them before they are ready. Gradually socializing your dog while you train will allow you to learn your dog's limitations when it comes to their comfort in social environments. 

to avoid behavioural issues

Through the process of training your dog, you will build a way of communicating that promotes the security and comfort of both you and the dog. This understanding is the key to avoiding problem behaviours. All well trained dog will respond to your cues in all environments, an allow you to stop or control negative behaviours.

to enforce loyalty and companionship

Through our process of positive reinforcement, dogs are disciplined with constructive guidance rather than intimidation. Interruptions, ignoring the behaviour, or time outs are more effective than punitive techniques. Guiding your dog to positive behaviours and recognition of these choices as well as understanding your dogs needs and limitations will allow the bond between you to grow, and your companionship to be unbreakable.   

meet kelsey

Kelsey has been working with dogs for more than 15 years. Starting as a volunteer at the SPCA, to becoming certified and working as a Veterinary Assistant. She then moved on to owning and operating a successful dog walking business for 8 years, this brought her to realize her fascination and love of dog behaviour. She became Certified by Animal Behaviour College. She started West Coast Dog Training, with the intention of helping as many dogs live a peaceful life with their people. Kelsey continues her education by working closely with a mentor and attending workshops and seminars.

Kelsey’s natural ability to understand and communicate with dogs as well as her passion for building deep relationships with her clients and their dogs, has contributed to her success as a professional dog trainer.

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Kelsey was an incredible to support to us. When we adopted a rescue dog and I quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing in terms of training and supporting the transition for not only our family but also our dog. When I reached out to Kelsey, she was king, encouraging and helpful.  honestly do not know what we would have done without her.


Kelsey at West Coast Dog Training is a skilled and knowledgeable trainer that quickly helped my dog with his leash aggression. She combined personalized educational resources and hands-on sessions that were customized for my pup. She is a pleasure to work with!


We had Kelsey do some extra training sessions with our dog Charlie. She had lots of good techniques and suggestions that really helped calm him down so we could get him on the path to better behavior. Charlie loves Kelsey and is overjoyed when she picks him up for group walks too. Highly recommend!


It only took one session for me to realize just how dedicated and professional Kelsey is. Going into the first session, I believed that I was in for an extremely difficult and stressful couple of months. Kelsey's amazing attitude and well laid out lesson plan took the stress out of training and even made it enjoyable. Not only is she great with dogs but people as well. Her knowledge on dog behavior is astounding and she really enjoys what she does. It was a privilege working with Kelsey and I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for training.


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